Adaptive Planning Express Edition 3.0 Released

Adaptive Planning, the leader in collaborative business performance management (BPM) solutions and the world’s first open source BPM provider, today announced the release of Adaptive Planning Express Edition Version 3.0. The latest version of Adaptive Planning’s open source budgeting and forecasting application, which is available via free download from SourceForge, offers new features and enhancements that improve performance and ease-of-use. This release supports the accelerating interest in Adaptive Planning Express Edition, which has rapidly climbed into the top 50 projects on SourceForge.

Adaptive Planning Express Edition delivers a full set of capabilities for collaborative budgeting and forecasting. Featuring improvements in global navigation, formula management, data administration, and performance, Version 3.0 provides business users in Finance and other departments with a no-fee enterprise solution that makes it easier than ever before to move beyond spreadsheets for managing budgeting and ongoing re-forecasting and analysis. The application features a simple “one-click” approach to download and installation, and can easily be configured to support groups ranging in size from small teams, to departments, to entire companies.

Adaptive Planning’s open source BPM application has generated significant interest and activity since initial release in August of this year. In less than four months, Adaptive Planning Express Edition has become one of the top 50 projects—out of 135,000—on SourceForge, the world’s largest open source software development web site. Additionally, Express Edition is #1 in both the Spreadsheets and OLAP categories, as well as in the top 10 in Accounting, Financial, and Enterprise categories. The project has produced over 6,000 downloads from 60 countries since inception.

“We continue to be extremely pleased with the community’s strong adoption of our open source budgeting and forecasting solution,” said William A. Soward, chief executive officer, Adaptive Planning. “Our top rankings at SourceForge demonstrate profound interest in open source business intelligence and BPM solutions, and more broadly in open source alternatives to enterprise applications of all types. Adaptive Planning will continue to develop and make available new open source features as we deliver on our mission of providing unprecedented value to mid-market companies and divisions of large corporations.”

In addition to the open source Express Edition, Adaptive Planning also offers two commercial solutions, Corporate Edition and Enterprise Edition. Users of Adaptive Planning Express Edition can easily upgrade to a commercial edition in order to access enhanced features for budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis, or to take advantage of expanded support and indemnification. The commercial editions are available for an affordable annual subscription fee, and can be deployed both on-demand and on-premises.

Pricing and Availability

Adaptive Planning Express Edition 3.0 is immediately available, free of charge, via download from

About Adaptive Planning

Adaptive Planning is the leading provider of collaborative business performance management (BPM) solutions. Adaptive Planning makes it easy for midsize companies and departments of larger corporations to improve performance by moving beyond spreadsheets to automate budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis. Adaptive Planning provides extraordinary flexibility and value, with on-demand and on-premises solutions, open source and commercial licensing terms, and pricing—including a free version of the product—that delivers a total cost of ownership that is a fraction of the cost of traditional BPM and business intelligence software. Adaptive Planning is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. and can be reached at 650-528-7500 or