Dictation System SDK available for Linux

Philips is the first to offer a cost-effective professional dictation solution to users of the Linux operating system.

A new software development kit (SDK) for the new Philips SpeechMikes (and foot control) is available, effective immediately. The new Linux SDK facilitates the integration of SpeechMikes into the Linux open-source operating system.

The SDK gives the integrator the ability to support and control SpeechMike functions within the Linux operating system, such as button and 4-position slide switch events, trackball control, LED control, power mode, scroll wheel settings, and barcode information.

With the release of the Linux V1.2.2 hardware SDK, Philips Dictation Systems’ SpeechMikes are the first professional dictation devices to be compatible with the Linux environment. The Linux SDK was developed in response to the strong market demands of both integrators and end-users. This new SDK expands opportunities for our integrator partners to introduce Philips dictation hardware into medical and legal environments where dictation applications were previously not compatible.

To larger medical and legal organizations, the ability to easily integrate professional dictation into their existing Linux system also represents a dramatic solution without the usual cost. This is a key consideration as corporations look for cost-effective solutions that can lower their overall costs -- IT infrastructure, support and maintenance, in particular.

Although the software development kit is offered to Philips resellers and integrators at no charge, an SDK agreement is required. For more information and to obtain a copy of the agreement, contact your Authorized Philips Distributor.