WildPackets Announces Omnipliance Linux

WildPackets Inc., innovators in advanced network analysis, today announced Omnipliance Linux, a Linux-based turnkey solution for distributed, remote capture and analysis of Ethernet and Gigabit traffic. This 3U rack-mount appliance makes it easy for enterprises that prefer Linux to rapidly deploy WildPackets analysis solutions across their network for troubleshooting, application analysis and security auditing.

The WildPackets Omnipliance is a turn-key hardware and software solution that gives network engineers unprecedented, real-time visibility into remote network segments. Each Omnipliance is a 3U rack-mountable appliance that runs a WildPackets' OmniEngine and sends real-time analytics and monitoring results to a central OmniPeek console. The company has been shipping a Microsoft® Windows® 2003 version of the appliance since November 2004. The Omnipliance Linux version will be available at the end of this month.

"With the Omnipliance Linux, we’re bringing the convenience and rapid deployment capabilities of our existing Omnipliance solution into the world of Linux,” said Dovid Coplon, Director of Product Management for WildPackets. “An Omnipliance can be installed, configured and online in under an hour. It’s a practical, powerful solution for enterprises that want better visibility into their 10/100 or Gigabit networks. Now IT organizations that prefer Linux can take advantage of the wealth of expert analysis, application analysis and VoIP analysis available through our OmniAnalysis Platform."
About WildPackets Inc.

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