Transcript of the March 7 Hearing in SCO v IBM

Here is the transcript of the March 7th hearing in SCO v IBM, the last of the summary judgment hearings transcripts.

Will Microsoft buy Novell?

The answer to that question is probably not, though the thought had crossed my mind. In a way they already have done in a small way, they have given Novell approximately a quater's worth of net profit in return for what appears to be a cut of all Open Enterprise and SUSE Linux sales. Although no shares have changed hands, this, in itself, seems to me to be a kind of "virtual" company sale. This is even not considering the palaver regarding the patent covenants....

Doubts persist about open source IP telephony

Open source Voice over IP (VoIP) in the enterprise is at the stage where Linux desktops were about five years ago, and the small open source presence at last week's VoiceCon Spring 2007 conference in Orlando is a true indicator that open source VoIP is still in its infancy.

Taiwan notebook players sound off on Linux

Considering that Dell recently asked its clients for their opinions on selling Linux-based notebooks, it was interesting to raise the same question to Taiwan-based notebook players, and the results showed that branded players are more conservative than ODM manufacturers concerning adopting Linux compared with a Microsoft operating system (OS).

Novell deal yields dividends - for Red Hat

A "sizable number" of developers have jumped ship from Novell to Red Hat, according to Scott Crenshaw, the senior director for product management and marketing at Red Hat.

Crenshaw wasn't able to provide specific numbers but said many Samba developers were among those who had made the move. Chief Samba developer, Jeremy Allison, left Novell some months back and moved over to Google, in protest against the deal which saw Novell get into bed with Microsoft.

Newly-leaked Antitrust Memo: How Microsoft Created a 'Chokehold' on OEMs

E-mail from Joachim Kempin, Microsoft OEM Manager. The volume license agreement, basically means that the OEMs get penalised for selling anything other than Windows. The document suggests the DOJ declared this type of thing "illegal".

Novell linked to 'Windows cheaper than Linux' statement

Novell has issued a joint press release with Microsoft, in which HSBC, a customer of joint technology from the two companies, claims that Windows has a lower total cost of ownership than Linux.

Apache Software Foundation: 2007 Open Source Outlook

Recently, Apache Software Foundation Director Jim Jagielski spoke with Open Enterprise Trends about the warming climate for Open Source in 2007. Jagielski, who himself has actively contributed to many Open Source projects, talks with us about many topics of interest, including top opportunities for Open Source; the impact of new licensing (ASF 2.0 versus GPLv3.0), the newest maturing ASF projects, and the agenda for the upcoming ApacheCon (In May).