VMware Server 2.0 Beta

This newer beta version offers the capabilities from before, plus an array of new features—including a broader range of guest operating system support, an intuitive Web-based management interface, and increased memory for greater scalability. With over 3 million downloads worldwide, VMware Server continues to innovate to provide users with a superior introductory experience to virtualization—for Free.

Why Wal-Mart $200 Linux PC Is A Bad Deal

Newswires are buzzing with Wal-Mart's Linux PC and its sold out status. This news alone should be enough to prove the viability of Linux in mainstream households for people who don't need a mega powerful PC for word processing, e-mail and Web browsing. I can go on and on about the same old issues and solutions, but I don't need to. Wal-Mart's success proves that very well. Of course, naysayers could argue about the limited supply, but again, checking out the product reviews on this page prove otherwise. Beginners and advanced users alike absolutely love the new product and why not? It makes sense, it's reasonably priced and it gets the job done. Everything is rosy so far.

Petition on Apple's forums: iTunes for Linux or iPod unlock

"Are you fed up with Apple trying to prevent you from syncing your iPod nano/classic/touch on Linux machines? Let them know that you want a solution and fast. Either they develop iTunes for Linux, or they unlock the iPod."

Son Says He Saw Linux Guru Carrying 'Somebody' Wrapped in a Bag

The young son of Linux guru Hans Reiser resumed testimony at his father's murder trial after a lunch break Tuesday. The 8-year-old boy told jurors he saw his father carrying "somebody" rolled up "like a ball" inside a bag down the stairs of his father's Oakland house the night his mother vanished.

US Trustee Objects to SCO's Proposed Asset Sale and more

"The US Trustee has filed two objections, one to the asset sale, the terms of which it calls unreasonable, and one to the use of the temp agency to hire a CFO. I am feeling like the unraveling has begun. There are more filings, but nothing like this!"

KDE 4.0 Release Event Contest Winners Announced

"On October 4, 2007 we announced a contest regarding the KDE 4.0 Release Event at Mountain View, California on January 17-19, 2008. Participants were asked to answer the question: "Why should you be at the KDE 4.0 Release Event?" with the winner being flown out to the Release Event itself."

Red Hat and Platform Computing Collaborate to Deliver Integrated HPC

Red Hat announced an agreement with Platform Computing, the global leader in High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure software, to jointly offer a new product, the Red Hat HPC Solution, that fully integrates Platform's Open Cluster Stack1 with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The new offering provides users with an end-to-end solution with a range of tools necessary to deploy and manage an HPC cluster in a wide range of environments, from SMB to Enterprise, while offering competitive pricing and outstanding performance.

Worldwide 2008 Mandriva Linux Installfest

Mandriva rallies the community of Linux users in many cities across the globe on November 17th 2007.