Wine 0.9.49 Released

Wine 0.9.49 features new improvements to copy protection and also GLSL is now default. As always, lots of error corrections.

$200 PC Not what was expected, but a wonderful surprise!

"Checkout the rave reviews on this $200 Linux PC. Great PC for surfing the net indeed! Surprising how people can so like Linux when it's offered as a mainstream choice on the PC they purchase."

Linux wins Nigerian school desktops back from Microsoft

Mandriva had closed a deal in mid-August to provide a customized Linux operating system and support for 17,000 Intel Classmate PCs intended for Nigerian schools, but found out last week that the company deploying the computers for the government, Technology Support Center (TSC), planned to wipe the computers' disks and install Windows XP instead.

Announcing the First openSUSE Board

The openSUSE board has been setup to lead the overall project. The board will: act as a central point of contact, help resolve conflicts, communicate community interests to Novell, facilitate communication with all areas of the community, and facilitate decision making processes where needed.

Fedora Linux 8 hits back at Ubuntu

The Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Linux project has released version 8 of its operating system with a host of new features aimed at raising the bar over rival Ubuntu.

New Windows refurbisher program fights piracy, Linux

Microsoft Corp. on Friday introduced a new pilot program to encourage refurbishers to install legitimate copies of Windows XP on used PCs. Some resellers "are saying, 'We're just going to ship this stuff out with Ubuntu Linux,'" said Adam Braunstein, an analyst with the Robert Frances Group.

Linux gas pump prints Google Maps

In further proof that you can never escape Google or interactive marketing, Gilbarco Veeder-Root announced Google support for its Encore gas pump's interactive displays. Gilbarco's Linux-based Applause media system now offers printable Google local business search, maps, driving directions, and coupons

Open Rights Group, on the BBC, iPlayer and DRM

Interview with Becky Hogge, Executive Director of the Open Rights Group on the BBC, iPlayer and DRM.