Open Source Media

You have just spent months working on your latest animated short. Hours and hours of work bent over a computer, pouring out your technical and creative heart, and finally it is finished. It is ready for distribution. Your next step is to put the animation on your website for people to download for free. After that you put the software you used to create it online, along with the production files, script, music and extras such as a documentary about the making of your animation. You provide all of this for free. However, despite giving it all away for nothing, you are also hoping to sell a couple of thousand DVDs...Welcome to the world of open-source media.

For Linux admins, career options remain plentiful

While today's market for IT administrators is tight, the demand for Linux experts continues to increase, according to Brend Marinaccio,'s open source recruiting director. He sees great opportunities for success in the Linux professional market. Emerging technologies, such as Xen virtualization on Linux, are creating what Marinaccio sees as a "talent initiative" within the Linux industry.

Multics source code has become public

"The sources for the Multics timesharing operating system have been donated to MIT by Group Bull. They are published under a BSD-style license, apparently. As noted on the site, the sources have only been preserved because they were saved on a DAT before the shutdown of the last Multics system running in CGI (Calgary, Canada)."

SCO found guilty of lying about Unix code in Linux in Germany

In the United States, SCO's Linux/Unix litigation has been stalled out while the company's bankruptcy trial is being dealt with. In Germany, however, several court cases have found SCO Group GmbH, SCO's Germany branch, guilty of lying about Linux containing stolen Unix code.

One Laptop Per Child Now On Sale

For a donation of $399, one XO laptop will be sent to empower a child in a developing nation and one will be sent to the child in your life in recognition of your contribution. $200 of your donation is tax-deductible (your $399 donation minus the fair market value of the XO laptop you will be receiving). Between November 12 and November 26.

Fedora 8 Games Spin (Live DVD) Released

Fedora 8 Games spin is a custom version of Fedora 8 from the games special interest group in Fedora that includes includes tons of free and open source Linux games in a installable Live DVD. If you thought Linux, lacked great completely free games, check it out.

Open-Source 3D Game Engine for Apple iPhone

Gregory Ray, lead organizer of announced today that he has hired the Brazilian programmer, Gutemberg Ribeiro, of “Conceptus” an open source game engine, to port his engine over to Apple’s iPhone platform. The port of the game engine will remain open source and will be available under LGPL license to allow true 3D game development on the iPhone.

IBM's 'Free Radical' Grady Booch: Linux Makes Sense

IBM Rational's "free radical" talks about the enduring difficulties of software development, his advocacy of open source and Second Life, and his license to kill. "The OS wars are largely over. Let's decide on a common platform. Therefore, Linux makes sense," said Grady Booch.