Carrier Grade Linux moves beyond telecoms into data centers

Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) started as a telecommunications infrastructure building block, but its strong availability, scalability and service response features are driving its adoption in corporate IT environments, says Bill Weinberg, open source architecture specialist for Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), in Beaverton, Ore. Along the way, it's being enhanced to work with virtualization and blade servers, too.

MySQL CEO sees 'invisible hand' at work

What's the link between eighteenth-century Scottish philosopher Adam Smith, often regarded as the father of modern economics, and the open-source software movement? According to Marten Mickos, the chief executive officer of open-source database company MySQL AB, it's Smith's concept of an "invisible hand," which guides individuals pursuing their own betterment to achieve goals that also benefit society at large.

Install XGL & Beryl on Dapper w/ nVidia using apt-get

An easy-to-follow reference for installing XGL and Beryl on Dapper for those of us with nVidia cards. Remember, Beryl is still pre-alpha though.

Library requirements for Flash 9 Player for Linux

As we draw closer to an anticipated beta release of the Flash Player, we thought people might be interested in knowing what libraries their host systems will be expected to provide for the Player. We have boiled it down to this list:

Hackers claim zero-day flaw in Firefox

The open-source Firefox Web browser is critically flawed in the way it handles JavaScript, two hackers said Saturday afternoon.

An attacker could commandeer a computer running the browser simply by crafting a Web page that contains some malicious JavaScript code, Mischa Spiegelmock and Andrew Wbeelsoi said in a presentation at the ToorCon hacker conference here. The flaw affects Firefox on Windows, Apple Computer's Mac OS X and Linux, they said.

RPLinux: China's Answer to the $100 PC

A while back, I stumbled upon something called the Municator PC from YellowSheepRiver Municator, Inc. At first, I thought this had to be yet another hoax, but as I looked deeper into it, I found out that China has done a fairly nice job of taking the distribution, known as RPLinux, and integrating it with Chinese made hardware.

The Template & Clipart Creation Contest

The Documentation Project is holding a contest for template and clipart sponsored by Worldlabel, and there is prize money! The goal is to increase our trove. Frankly, we don't have enough; users are feeling deprived. That means over 50 million people.

Nice collection of 270 Linux white papers

Kernel development, file systems, virtualization, networking, security, performance, scalability, applications and a lot more. Absolutely free. No other OS grows this fast!