The Template & Clipart Creation Contest

The Documentation Project is holding a contest for template and clipart sponsored by Worldlabel, and there is prize money! The goal is to increase our trove. Frankly, we don't have enough; users are feeling deprived. That means over 50 million people.

Nice collection of 270 Linux white papers

Kernel development, file systems, virtualization, networking, security, performance, scalability, applications and a lot more. Absolutely free. No other OS grows this fast!

Apache Muse 2.0.0 is now available

Apache Muse 2.0.0 is now available. The Apache Muse Project is a Java-based implementation of the WS-ResourceFramework (WSRF), WS-BaseNotification (WSN), and WS-DistributedManagement (WSDM) specifications. It is a framework upon which users can build web service interfaces for manageable resources without having to implement all of the "plumbing" described by the aforementioned standards.

Torvalds should create a better GPL

The anti-GPLv3 position of Torvalds, and now a large cross-section of Linux kernel developers, appears to be hardening. In response to a rebuttal by Eben Moglen, chief counsel for the Free Software Foundation, re-invited the Linux kernel team to engage in the GPLv3 discussion process, Torvalds had this to say:

Potential Photoshop killer Pixel

According to the results of a survey conducted early this year by Novell, Adobe Photoshop tops users' lists as the most critical application not available on Linux. While Adobe continues to only support Windows and Mac OS X with most of its products for its own, unknown reasons, alternatives are becoming increasingly popular with the ever-growing Linux user base.

Locking down portmap on Debian

Most sensible people are very wary of NFS and its potential for security holes. If you can at all help it, it's a good idea not to run NFS and portmap on a network interface with direct internet connectivity. However, this isn't always convenient.

Linux Serial ATA status reports

The Linux kernel Serial ATA driver stack has several major updates in kernels 2.6.18 and [upcoming] 2.6.19. This status report describes the latest feature additions, driver updates, and core updates.