The World's first LiveCD that supports Beryl, Emerald, AIGLX and XGL

The flexibility of a Gentoo Linux based distribution has no limits. SabayonLinux Team have released SabayonLinux 3.0 for x86 and AMD64/EM64T (x86-64) Processors. This is the first Linux LiveCD that supports, out of the box, AIGLX, Beryl and Emerald, 2.6.18 Kernel and much, much more...

Google to Push for More Electrical Efficiency in PC’s

Google is calling on the computer industry to create a simpler and more efficient power supply standard that it says will save billions of kilowatt-hours of energy annually.

The Google white paper argues that the opportunity for power savings is immense — by deploying the new power supplies in 100 million desktop PC’s running eight hours a day, it will be possible to save 40 billion kilowatt-hours over three years, or more than $5 billion at California’s energy rates.

Tonight on The Linux Link Tech Show

Tonight on The Linux Link Tech Show, episode 159. Author and columnist Marcel Gagne talks about his latest book, Mozilla vs Debian, GPLv3 is causing quite a stir in the F/OSS world, and much more.

One Laptop per Child project update

Christopher Blizzard wrote up a long update on where they are in the software and hardware for the Linux-based OLPC project. They've gotten a lot done, but he doesn't think that's been communicated to the outside world very well. So, for the first time, here's an update of where they are. Hopefully he'll be able to do this on a regular basis.

Novell, Concurrent Create Real-Time SUSE Linux Variant

Commercial Linux distributor Novell and real-time operating system expert Concurrent Computer have been quietly working on a real-time variant of the SUSE Linux distribution. Appropriately enough, according to Novell sources, this will be called SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 10 when it is announced on October 9, but everyone in the SUSE community will probably end up calling it SLERT 10.

What could possibly be so difficult about porting the Flash Player to Linux?

The executive summary of what follows would probably be: ensuring that a single plugin binary functions on the widest diversity of Linux/x86 distributions within reason. Read on for the details.

Make Your Own Linux LiveCD Easily

Intellibuild (iBuild) is a program that allows you to quickly and easily create your own custom GNU/Linux LiveCD Distribution. You simply open up a template, select which programs you want to be included, click on the "Build" button and wait. When iBuild is done, your custom .iso awaits you. All you have to do is burn and go.

IBM Asks the Court to Throw Out SCO's Entire Case

Both sides in SCO v. IBM have filed motions for summary judgment. To be precise, SCO has filed one for partial summary judgment (which I'll have up in a minute or two) and IBM has filed several motions for summary judgment, one for each of SCO's claims and two more for good measure on two of IBM's counterclaims. In other words, it is asking the court to throw out SCO's entire case, and to grant it judgment on two counterclaims without even going to trial on those two.