GPL clarification needed ASAP

The Free Software Foundation urgently needs to explain how software governed by the current General Public License will interact with that governed by a successor now under development, the leader of the Open Source Development Labs said Wednesday.

How much abuse will you take from Microsoft?

Seriously, how many times must users and businesses be kicked in the face before they buy a clue? Before they realize that they don't have to stay in the abusive Microsoft relationship. The answer seems to be: an unlimited number of times.

Why the GPL rocketed Linux to success

Charles M. Hannum (one of the 4 originators of NetBSD) has posted a sad article about serious problems in the NetBSD project, saying "the NetBSD Project has stagnated to the point of irrelevance." You can see the article or an LWN article about it.

Point, click, root: System exploitation with open tools

T managers face a problem determining what products and policies are best to properly secure their network. The problem with many security products is that it is hard to validate their claims. Penetration testing is a process for testing the security of networks by imitating an attacker. This process typically involves gathering information through Internet searches and other open sources, scanning and mapping the targeted network with tools like Nmap, determining vulnerabilities on targeted computers, and exploiting those computers. Conducting a successful penetration test involves a great deal of knowledge and a wide variety of software, including some of the following open source tools.

ATI Proprietary Linux Driver Version 8.29.6 Released

New ATI Proprietary Linux x86 Display Drivers for XFREE86 / X. Org Version 8.29.6 have been released. As of driver version 8.29.6 support for the following products is no longer included..

Kernel Space: on the future of Linux IDE drivers

Back in 2003, Jeff Garzik announced the availability of "a new SCSI driver." That driver was, in fact, the libata subsystem, which was to be the foundation for serial ATA support in Linux. In the process, however, Jeff had thought a bit about supporting the current parallel ATA (PATA) drives, but that was not really his goal..

Novell to launch quick-response Linux

Novell plans an October launch for its Suse Linux Enterprise Real-Time product, an operating system geared for Wall Street traders and others who watch every microsecond of the clock.

City of Munich releases version 1.0 of their debian-based client

"After almost two years of development and quality assurance, we finally did freeze version 1.0 of our custom debian-based distribution yesterday. The system will be internally deployed to the various departments via FAI and GOSa, hopefully everything will work as expected and it’ll be a walk through the park for all sysadmins involved. The distribution is completely oss-based (debian sarge) and consists of core components like kde 3.5, 2, kernel 2.6.17."