Updates to Dell Linux Software Repositories

" hosts two different software repositories for our Linux customers. We have made some recent updates to these repositories; here is a quick rundown of the repositories and their features."

Dell fixes Ubuntu laptop pricing

Dell Ubuntu Linux buyers were recently outraged when a price comparison between identical Inspiron 1420 laptops showed that instead of the Ubuntu system being cheaper, it actually ended up costing $225 more than the same laptop with Vista Home Basic Edition. This was after Dell had announced the week before that Ubuntu systems would be $50 cheaper than similar systems running Vista Home Basic Edition.

Ubuntu Dell is $225 More Than Windows Dell

"The full price of a Ubuntu Inspiron 1420N is indeed $50 cheaper than the identical hardware configuration with Vista — except that a $275 free upgrade to 2GB memory and a 160-GB hard drive is available for Windows only."

Linux Rolls On

"Know some of you saw this in last week's post, but I wanted to be clear that Dell does have plans to offer Linux to more consumers in additional locations outside the United States. More details to come later this summer. We will also offer Ubuntu to small business customers in the future."

Dell: Make Linux an OS Option Next to Windows & Easier to Find

Currently Dell's Linux offering which is already limiting (just Ubuntu) is relegated to a specific section of Dell's website which is not easily accessible from the main page. Help tell Dell to make Linux an OS option next to Windows & easier to find.

Talk Live with Ubuntu and Dell Linux Experts

Have questions about running Ubuntu Linux on a Dell System? Thinking about purchasing a Dell System with Ubuntu Linux?

Dell Refuses to Sell Ubuntu to Business

""I had a surreal experience with Dell today. My boss asked me to order a new computer for our small, non-profit business. Wanting to support Dell in their decision to sell computers with Ubuntu installed, I decided to order one. First, I talked to a small business representative, who informed me that I could not order one of the Ubuntu-based computers through the small business department."

Vote to have Linux Dell PCs available Worldwide

Dell has decided to sell computers with Linux pre-installed. Great move! But for the moment, it only concerns the US... Outside the US, we can't wait to buy a pre-installed Linux Dell PC! Please vote for the availability of those PCs all around the globe.