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Beryl and XGL on Ubuntu Linux with ATI card

An easy guide to install the new Beryl 3D desktop and Xgl on Ubuntu Dapper Linux. With screen shots. Even though Beryl is only v.0.1 I must say it seems pretty stable and works great on my laptop.

How to fix your nano when you failed to install iPod Linux

When I tried to install Linux on my iPod. I, like many others, screwed up my nano. Then I searched all over forums looking for a possible fix. I couldn't restore the Apple firmware because it couldnt mount the ipod. I pretty much figured I was screwed, unless i knew linux. The tutorial for the linux fix didn't seem too user friendly either.

Setup your Radeon-powered Ubuntu with XGL and Beryl

Linux users are spoiled for good these days with all the eye candy that has been invading on their desktop. This guide will help Ubuntu users with a Radeon-powered graphics card to set things up properly, in order to achieve desktop effects that are sure to impress.

Brute Force Detection(BFD) on linux server

BFD is a modular shell script for parsing applicable logs and checking for authentication failures. There is not much complexity or detail to BFD yet and likewise it is very straight-forward in its installation, configuration and usage. The reason behind BFD is very simple; the fact there is little to no authentication and brute force auditing programs in the linux community that work in conjunction with a firewall or real-time facility to place bans.

Using Lighttpd, Mplayer/Mencoder and Flvtool2 to Implement Flash Video Streaming

It will be really short post about using set of free tools to implement fully functional flash video streaming server. So, what we are going to get at the end of our setup? We are going to get some type of completely free streaming support that is available with Macromedia’s non-free Flash Communication Server (Flash Media Server) (FCS).

Manage Linux Hardware with udev

In the olden days Linux administrators had a static /dev directory. It was inflexible and obese, containing 99% irrelevant entries, and we liked it that way. We didn't mind hassling with makedev and struggling with major and minor numbers to enter the devices we actually wanted, or manually deleting the 1,000 useless /dev entries, because Real System Administrators love doing things the hard way. It makes us feel close to our hardware. The best part of the job is spending years acquiring and hoarding arcane bits of knowledge, which are then passed on to eager, fresh-faced noobs with the magical incantation, "RTFM, luser."

Keep your Web site online with a High Availability Linux Apache cluster

Failover clusters are used to ensure high availability of system services and applications even through crashes, hardware failures, and environmental mishaps. In this article, I'll show you how to implement a rock-solid two-node high availability Apache cluster with the heartbeat application from The High-Availability Linux Project. I tested the cluster on Fedora Core 5, CentOS 4.3, and Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS server distributions.

Install XGL & Beryl on Dapper w/ nVidia using apt-get

An easy-to-follow reference for installing XGL and Beryl on Dapper for those of us with nVidia cards. Remember, Beryl is still pre-alpha though.