Myths And Realities Of Open Source

Continuing advancements in reliability and performance are elevating the role of open source in software development. Both users and developers are eager for the spread of cost-effective open source solutions from today's relatively simple deployments, such as Web services, into core functions such as transaction processing and enterprise databases.

But is open source ready for such a transition? Understandably cautious organizations are raising questions regarding open source support, security and compatibility with existing systems and infrastructure.

As with all new technologies, it is important with open source to separate the myths from the realities. At BearingPoint we have identified several of the common issues raised regarding open source. Here we offer insight into these concerns and the accompanying realities, which suggest that this promising new approach to enterprise computing is, in fact, ready for deployment in a growing array of situations. In addition, we outline several strategies that firms can pursue to begin tapping the potential of open source.