Red Hat Expands Footprint In Telecommunications Industry

Red Hat announced that the company is dramatically widening its reach in the global telecommunications industry as evidenced by the company's participation in the European Community Open Platform for User-Centric Service Creation and Execution (OPUCE) project and the extension and integration of Red Hat and JBoss telecommunications solutions.


Red Hat continues to grow as a high-value player in the global telecommunications industry. Along with other leading telecommunications companies, Red Hat has announced its participation in OPUCE, a European Community Framework Program's Sixth Framework Program (FP6) project designed to deliver the next-generation telecommunication service delivery platform (SDP) for use across the EU. Red Hat and JEMS experts will be responsible for building an open source ecosystem around OPUCE and bringing direct expertise on how to build open source communities and support mission-critical environments based on open source software.

OPUCE will produce an open service infrastructure that enables easy service creation and deployment in heterogeneous environments. It will allow services to be accessed in a seamless way by a multitude of devices connected via different networks and makes open source central to building out next-generation telecommunications infrastructure. End users will benefit from enriched service variety and relevance, and service providers will discover eased service creation and the opportunity to expand service offerings.

"Red Hat continues to leverage the complete open source platform to evolve as an infrastructure and solution provider for the telecommunications industry," said Tim Yeaton, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and General Manger of Enterprise Solutions, Red Hat. "Projects like OPUCE enable us to demonstrate the virtues of open platforms and the open source development model while, at the same time, provide us with unique perspective of how telecommunications infrastructure and solutions will be defined and deployed in the future."

"We are pleased to include Red Hat as a member of OPUCE. Red Hat's reputation as an open source innovator and track record of high performance in mission-critical enterprise and telecommunications environments make it an ideal partner for next-generation telecommunications infrastructure," said Antonio Sánchez, Project Manager, Telefonica. "With its recent acquisition of JBoss, Red Hat is even better positioned to participate in the development of next-generation telecommunications middleware and service delivery platform capabilities."


Integrated Red Hat and JBoss solutions have become the platform of choice for mission-critical applications in enterprises and telecommunications operators worldwide. As a logical extension of Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a carrier-grade operating system, JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite (JEMS) has emerged as the market-leading middleware suite for telecommunications by simplifying development of Enterprise Java applications and enabling telecommunications companies to accelerate time-to-market with flexible, cost-effective solutions. Leading telecommunications operators, equipment manufactures and ISVs worldwide continue to choose open platforms based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JEMS over costly proprietary alternatives.

Red Hat envisions JEMS to emerge as a core technology for the next-generation SDP market, and will look to leverage its current and growing ecosystem of OEM, NEP and ISV partners to drive feature road-maps and commercialization. JEMS runs on a variety of platforms, and is optimized for deployment on industry-standard software and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Red Hat works with leading NEPs, ISVs and operators to define requirements and ensure that Red Hat Enterprise Linux can be deployed in carrier-grade settings. Red Hat Enterprise Linux has been tested and hardened across thousands of enterprise and telecommunications environments, and it provides the stability, predictability and track record required by the industry. Operators and equipment providers actively participate in the planning and definition of future versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and verify that it meets the performance, reliability and security requirements of the industry. Operators also rely on Red Hat's hardware and software certification program to provide the level of structure, process and infrastructure required to support the telecommunications ecosystem.

Red Hat's value to telecommunications companies also extends beyond the partner ecosystem and the capabilities of the platform. Linux is Free Open Source Software (FOSS), based on the GNU Public License (GPL), which provides customers with the assurance that the source for their platform will always be freely available. This ensures that the customer cannot be locked-in to one platform or driven to a particular architecture by closed binary dependencies.

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