Trolltech Announces Pricing and Availability for Qtopia Greenphone

Trolltech, the company that makes software faster to build and easier to use, announced the pricing and availability of Qtopia Greenphone, the first open Linux mobile device for application developers.

Greenphone is offered as part of a complete software development kit (SDK) enabling application developers to utilize communication functions and features found in today’s sophisticated smartphones in developing their own innovative applications in addition to modifying those that Trolltech provides.
Greenphone Software Development Kits

Greenphone is only available as an element of an SDK. Each kit also includes a Qtopia Phone Edition 4 Series license. Available in limited quantities, Greenphone SDKs can be purchased today by contacting Trolltech at

Greenphone Software Development Kit Professional

Application developers, who wish access to the full source of Qtopia Phone Edition for the purposes of creating and commercially distributing new application source or binaries, can purchase Greenphone SDK Professional at USD 695 plus tax, shipping and handling and the Qtopia Phone Edition license relevant to the specific need. This license pricing will be determined in accordance with Trolltech’s normal license pricing structure. Included in this version, is access to Greenphone updates and full Trolltech support. The version of Qtopia Phone Edition includes Qt and Qtopia tools, as well as the toolchain for the device.

Greenphone Software Development Kit Light

Application developers, who wish to create and commercially distribute new application source or binaries, modify Trolltech applications and commercially distribute source or binary code can purchase Greenphone SDK Light at USD 890 plus tax, shipping and handling. The version of Qtopia Phone Edition includes features application source, framework binaries/header files, Qt and Qtopia tools.

Greenphone Community Development Kit

Open source community members who wish to develop under the terms of the General Public License (GPL) can purchase a Greenphone Community SDK at USD 695 plus tax, shipping and handling. This Community version of Qtopia Phone Edition is being released by Trolltech for the first time and includes source code for most components in the Qtopia Phone Edition commercial product, Qt® and Qtopia tools, the toolchain for the device, and access to periodic Greenphone software image updates.

"The announcement of Greenphone has been met with significant notice and acceptance," said Haavard Nord, Co-CEO, Trolltech. "We believe the innovation and creativity we will see as a result will dramatically accelerate the adoption of Linux in mobile phones," he added.

About Greenphone

Qtopia® GreenphoneTM is a Linux mobile development device open for software innovation. Offered as part of an SDK, it includes Qtopia Phone Edition, a comprehensive application platform and user interface for Linux-based mobile phones. With Greenphone, software developers have a Linux development environment on a working GSM/GPRS device making it easier to build and bring their Linux-based applications to market. Unlike a normal phone, access to Greenphone's application software stack is opened for developer creativity. Greenphone has many of the communication functions and features found in today's sophisticated smartphones. Developers can exploit these features and functions when developing their own unique applications.

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