Debian Linux project group to pay developers

A group of senior developers from the Debian GNU/Linux project have decided to raise funds to pay volunteers who work on the project in order that releases can be made more frequently.

The initiative, which is being promoted by the Debian project leader Anthony Towns, is called Dunc, "an acronym for 'Development Under Numismatic Control' - which could equally be called 'coin-operated coding'."

In a media release, the Dunc board said what they were trying to do was to set up an experimental project to try and find ways of funding Debian development.

They stressed that Dunc was not endorsed by Debian, and Debian did not exercise any control over how Dunc operated. It was "not paying for servers or bandwidth, or reimbursing expenses and flight costs, but actually paying people to sit down and do useful Debian work rather than some other day job."