Is the future of desktop Linux going thin?

While the thin-client approach makes Linux PCs easier to manage, there are still kinks to iron out with desktop Linux operating system (OS), according to market analyst Gartner.

Last month, thin-client software provider released its 2X TerminalServer for Linux, an open source terminal server that lets Linux desktop users run both Linux and Windows applications over dial-up and LAN (local area network) connections.

2X CEO Nikolaos Makris said in a statement that it will require a terminal server approach for Linux to penetrate the desktop market. "Only with the more advanced thin-client approach, will Linux be able to outdo Windows fat clients in a company's network."

In an interview with ZDNet Asia, Makris explained that the main problem with Linux desktops is that they run as "administration-intensive, virus- and error-prone fat clients" in a network.,39044164,61954844,00.htm