Ubuntu Linux Running On Sony Ericsson P990i

"With a little hardware modification and a special software, we have load a mobile version of Ubuntu in a Sony Ericsson P990i".


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26 February 2007

Don't report fake news, it only harms your credibility. Even if you really want it to be real, at least wait until there's some kind of independent confirmation before treating it like it is.

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16 April 2007

I don't see where they state it's real or fake. This news posting is quoted, pretty sure Linuxlookup is just pointing it out like a dozen other big name sites have done in the last two days. Besides news reporting isn't judgmental, its your job as a reader to determine and form opinion (which you so elegantly have).

If you're that rilled up over it... email LL asking to edit with a "real or fake?".