Novell Files 4 Summary Judgment Motions

There are buckets of filings this morning, both in Novell and in IBM, but let's start with Novell -- Novell has filed four motions for summary judgment or partial summary judgment, with exhibits and declarations galore. April 20th was the deadline for filing dispositive motions in this case.

We're getting into deep waters now, because in some cases, Novell is carving out portions of SCO's claims. Even Pacer has the exact parts marked in italics, to help them keep it all straight, so don't feel bad if you get confused.

One of them is supposed to be a notice of conventional filing, but it appears to me to be the first motion again. So we're all going to be struggling a bit here. We do have the redacted memorandum in support however. Here are the four:

Novell Bombards SCO with Summary Judgment Motions.