OpenLogic Announces Free Software to Inventory Installed Open Source Software

OpenLogic, Inc., a provider of enterprise open source solutions encompassing hundreds of open source packages, today announced the release of OpenLogic Discovery, a free software tool that helps enterprises inventory the open source software installed on their computer systems. OpenLogic Discovery finds installed open source software on Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms in order to help enterprise customers manage their use of open source and remain compliant with internal policies.

Using OpenLogic Discovery’s graphical or command line interfaces, users can quickly scan a computer for installed open source packages, including packages that were not explicitly installed but were bundled with other software. OpenLogic Discovery then provides a detailed inventory of the open source software identified on the system.

“Because open source is often downloaded by individual developers, most enterprises do not know what open source software is deployed in their organization,” said Steve Grandchamp, CEO of OpenLogic “Open source software has revolutionized corporate software development for the better, but there can be risks, costs and liabilities if the enterprise doesn’t know what open source software is being deployed. OpenLogic Discovery enables companies to become more aware of open source usage in their IT environment and better manage some of those risks.”

OpenLogic Discovery:

Identifies installed open source software: OpenLogic Discovery provides both an easy to use graphical interface and a command line interface that lets you quickly scan a system for open source packages – whether they were installed explicitly or bundled with other software products. OpenLogic Discovery identifies software by digital fingerprints, checking the fingerprints against a library of more than 5000 versions across 800 of the most commonly used open source packages.

Finds open source software installed on multiple systems: OpenLogic Discovery’s command line interface lets users integrate with existing software deployment or software asset management systems in order to inventory installed open source software on multiple systems.

Creates easy to read reports: After scanning a system, OpenLogic Discovery provides a detailed inventory on all of the open source software that is found. An XML reporting format lets users aggregate results into a database or reporting system.

OpenLogic Discovery is scheduled to be available for free download in June from