Adobe knocks open-source creative tools

Adobe has embraced open-source software for some products, but its Creative Suite portfolio looks like it will remain proprietary.

In a blog posting on Sunday, the company's top creative products executive, John Loiacono, made unflattering remarks about open-source creative software.

"Time is money," Loiacono said, linking to a blog by commentator Eric Vreeland, who observed: "Debugging recent installs of certain open-source software has wasted immense amounts of my spare time; charged at my hourly rate these hours represent a pile of cash bigger than that which full list-price versions of comparable commercial software would require for purchase." In the US, Vreeland opted for the $2,500 Creative Suite Master Collection, which bundles 12 Adobe products, such as Photoshop, Premiere and Illustrator.,1000000121,39288678,00.htm