Novell Automates Solution to Looming 2007 Daylight Savings Time Change

Novell announced that its Novell(R) ZENworks(R) Patch Management solution helps customers prepare their business systems for the imminent 2007 Daylight Savings Time (DST) change in the United States. Previously, computers automatically adjusted for DST. However this year, most computers will require a patch to tell them to set their clocks ahead one hour on the second Sunday of March and set them back one hour on the first Sunday of November. The implications of this federally mandated time change are significant for both corporate and government networks which consist of thousands of individual desktops, laptops and servers. Novell ZENworks Patch Management ensures customers are well prepared to manage the change by identifying the computers that require patches and automating the otherwise manual process of inventorying and patching each device.

Companies across all industries face potential disruption from the new DST mandate. A key challenge for organizations is to identify the potential risks they face across their entire infrastructure, a complex task in heterogeneous network environments. Novell ZENworks Patch Management allows customers to determine what patches are right for their organization and automatically apply them across all the major operating systems in their enterprise, including Windows*, Solaris*, and HP UX*.

"Older systems are a security risk for organizations in the best of times, and a extra challenge when facing an unexpected requirement like this year's DST mandate," said Joe Wagner, general manager of systems and resource management at Novell. "ZENworks Patch Management helps companies protect themselves from the constant tide of risks, while reducing the effort required to maintain secure and updated systems."

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