Fedora Infrastructure Leader Chosen

I'm very pleased to announce that Red Hat has hired Mike McGrath to be the Fedora Infrastructure Leader, as first mentioned on this list back in December. Those of you who are active contributors to Fedora already know Mike, and are familiar with his work.

Mike has been a contributor to the Fedora Project for quite a while now, especially the Fedora Infrastructure group, and I'm personally very glad that we were able to hire from within for this job. There are never as many job openings as I wish there were, but when we do have openings in Fedora it is my intention that we will look to fill them from within our community first.

Mike won't be starting 100% until February, but in the sense that he is already involved deeply in Fedora Infrastructure, and it's just a matter of him ramping up his time over the next few weeks.

I won't take up a lot of space on fedora-announce-list with the goals and plans for Fedora Infrastructure (I'll let Mike lead that conversation on the infrastructure list), but I just wanted to announce his hiring here for the rest of the Fedora community to know about it.

At a high level, I'm going to hold Mike accountable for several things:

(1) The technical priorities and implementation of them, for Fedora Infrastructure and system administration.

(2) The expansion of the Fedora Infrastructure community, and the continued health, contributions, and empowerment of the current contributors.

(3) Leadership and fairness. The Benevolent Dictator of Fedora Infrastructure and System Administration.


(4) Being the point person for Fedora<->Red Hat network/sysadmin issues.


Mike will be leading the Fedora Infrastructure Hackfest at FUDCon during February 2-4.