Xandros Desktop - Professional Box Now Shipping

Xandros, announced that the "Xandros Desktop - Professional" box product is now shipping. Available as a download since December, the new enterprise desktop features Bluetooth wireless support, desktop search and ISV support. It also provides seamless compatibility with Windows, Linux and UNIX networks including Windows domain authentication, plus support for logon scripts, group policy profiles and Microsoft Exchange. Xandros Desktop - Professional is available for a list price of USD 99.99.

Xandros Desktop - Professional is compatible with Windows servers, providing a secure, stable alternative to costly Windows desktop upgrades. Seamless integration into existing Windows-centric networks is provided through support of domain authentication, logon scripts, and group policy profiles. Enterprise-class features include seamless access to shared Windows folders and printers, the ability to write to Windows NTFS partitions, seamless Microsoft Exchange connectivity, support for third-generation HSDPA UMTS (3GSM) and mobile telecommunications, dual-core, SMP and hyper-threading support, and ready for mass deployment in enterprise settings via xDMS, Xandros Deployment and Management Server.

Xandros Desktop - Professional incorporates the latest industry standards including the Linux Standards Base (LSB) 3.1 and the OASIS OpenDocument format for global file compatibility. Integrated Portland 1.0 tools address the diverse needs of business clients by enabling third party software developers to integrate their applications regardless of the desktop deployed.

Xandros Desktop - Professional is priced at USD 99.99. For more information please visit www.xandros.com.