Open Source Inventory Analysis

OpenLogic announced the general availability of OpenLogic Discovery, a free software tool that helps enterprises inventory the open source software installed on their computer systems. OpenLogic Discovery identifies more than 5,000 versions of the top 900 open source packages used by enterprises today by marking open source fingerprints. By finding installed open source software on Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms, OpenLogic Discovery helps enterprise customers manage and support open source software.

OpenLogic is also announcing a free Open Source Inventory Analysis for up to 500 machines. Using OpenLogic Discovery's command line interface, customers can quickly scan up to 500 computers and send results from the scans to OpenLogic for an inventory analysis. The analysis includes what open source packages are installed and how many installations of each package are identified. The free report will also detail which of the open source packages found have passed OpenLogic’s 42-point certification process and list the open source licenses involved.

"OpenLogic is responding to requests from its Fortune 500 customers who need a way to identify what open source packages have already been installed on their machines," said Steve Grandchamp, CEO of OpenLogic. "Most large organizations have begun, or soon plan to begin, developing open source policies, but the natural first step in this process is to know exactly what packages are already installed."

OpenLogic Discovery:
Identifies installed open source software: OpenLogic Discovery provides both graphical and command line interfaces that let you quickly scan a system for open source packages--whether they were installed explicitly or bundled with other software products. OpenLogic Discovery identifies software by digital fingerprints, checking the fingerprints against a library of more than 5000 versions across 900 of the most commonly used open source packages.
Finds open source software installed on multiple systems: OpenLogic Discovery's command line interface lets users integrate with existing software deployment or software asset management systems in order to inventory installed open source software on multiple systems.
Creates easy to read reports: After scanning a system, OpenLogic Discovery provides a detailed inventory on all of the open source software that is found.

OpenLogic Discovery is now generally available for free download from OpenLogic also offers a JumpStart Inventory service to analyze open source usage across the enterprise. The service provides a free Open Source Inventory Analysis for the first 500 machines. Pricing for the JumpStart Inventory service for more than 500 machines starts at $5,000.