OrangeHRM Launches version 2.2 of the HR Management System

OrangeHRM today announced the launch of version 2.2 of their flagship OrangeHRM web-based open-source human resource management system. The new version, which is the result of communication and collaboration with OrangeHRM’s fast-growing and knowledgeable open source community, has been enhanced by adding a Time and Attendance module.

“We’re always looking for new ways to meet the needs of the OrangeHRM community, and this new version does that beautifully,” said Sujee Saparamdu, CEO or OrangeHRM Inc. “We received requests and detailed requirement specifications from the community, and incorporated them into the system, which now provides the functionality necessary to track workforce occupancy and enhance an organizations’ performance by eliminating paperwork and manual processes associated with time and attendance needs.”

Features in the new application involving administration and management of time sheets include:

•The ability of HR administrators to specify an organization’s current projects and customers

•A way for employees to easily create and modify timesheets to specify time allocated to specific projects and customers

•Submission and cancellation of timesheets by employees

•Modification of subordinate timesheets by supervisors and HR administrators to include the addition and editing of time events

•The ability for supervisors and HR administrators to reject, approve and cancel time sheets

The highly prioritized requirements from community regarding improvements of OrangeHRM Reporting module and the ability to manage former employees of the organization were also implemented in the 2.2 release. In addition, the employee personal information management (PIM) and administration were enhanced, by creating separate PIM module for Supervisors to view their subordinate information.

The collaboration with the community brings OrangeHRM closer to the users from different parts of the world. The newest version of OrangeHRM includes Danish, Spanish, Dutch and Russian language packs and more languages will be added later on.

OrangeHRM version 2.2 marks the sixth major release of the application since February 2006. The software has received more than 55,000 cumulative downloads in the last 15 months and is ranked among the 10 most active open-source applications by SourceForge.

The latest version of OrangeHRM is available free of charge under the GNU GPL open-source license free of charge. The demo version of the application and the immediate download can be found on In addition, OrangeHRM offers On-Demand solution - a subscription-based hosted service that eliminates the need for installing and maintaining the product internally.