SCO Files Opposition to Novell's Evidentiary Objections

SCO has filed a Memorandum in Opposition to Novell's Evidentiary Objections with exhibits. It's all under seal, but it will help us understand a couple of things.

Actually, SCO filed the exhibits in the wrong place in what I believe is a kind of Freudian slip. They filed the exhibits as Docket number 1070 in SCO v. IBM by mistake. The clerk fixed it with instructions to "the parties" to please pay attention. But if you remember, at the last hearing in SCO v. Novell, Stuart Singer twice said IBM when he meant to say Novell. And now there is this little goof. It's not of major importance, but it tells me what SCOfolk have on their minds, most likely. And that is that what happens in the Novell case can be curtains for SCO in the IBM case. It doesn't matter as much to IBM, because their position is they haven't infringed anything, no matter who owns it. But if the court rules that SCO never got any copyrights, it could be The End -- That's Aaall, SCOFolks. I don't think it would be just the IBM case either.

SCO Files Opposition to Novell's Evidentiary Objections.