More Than Open Source: A Second Look at Sakai

Sure you have been hearing about Sakai, the open source collaboration and learning environment, but you've probably also heard that campuses that have implemented Sakai have huge IT budget and lots of staff. So you haven't tried it yet, and you wonder why you should. Why go through the hassle and expense? After all, it's just an "open-source" version of the CMS you already use, right?


Because it often gets the most press for being "open source" software, you may not know that Sakai has unique features--many not found in other course management systems--that have attracted schools all over the world, from small liberal arts colleges to large Ivy League institutions to online universities--campuses with and without enormous IT resources. And one or more of these unique features may solve a particular problem on your campus.

More Than Open Source: A Second Look at Sakai.