ADempiere becomes first true open source production grade ERP

With the release of ADempiere MayDay (ADempiere 3.2) today, ADempiere is now the first true open source ERP with production grade quality.

The focus of this stable version was three fold, according to a project spokesperson:

1. Fix a large number of bugs inherited from the original fork
2. Evolve the solution to resolve product dependencies on proprietary or close products and/or services
3. Enhance the product functionality

The inventory of new features developed in the last 8 months that support the above objectives include:

* Fully GPL compatible software
* PostgreSQL and Oracle XE ports
* Jasper Reports integration
* WAN port
* Migration scripts allowing upgrades to any new ADempiere version
* Basic plug-in architecture based on 2pack
* Integration of openXpertYa POS
* Integration of jfreechart for dashboard display
* itext+JPedal integration to serve PDF
* Tango icons
* Several free language packs
* Online Help Manual and Tutorials
* Easier release of patches and customizations
* Hundreds of performance and functional improvements
* Hundreds of bug fixes

"The name MayDay for this version can be explained as this stable version is being released today 1st of May which is celebrated as Labor Day in many countries around the world" according to Carlos Ruiz, ADempiere Commit Committee leader, "but on the other hand is also a release that may help many organizations to find a way out from the self defeating and lock-in world of proprietary and so called commercial open source ERP providers in the market"

ADempiere is currently used in production in companies all around the world and they are supported locally by an extensive array of service providers
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The MayDay release is ready for download in the project SourceForge web site: