Xandros Server Standard Edition 2 Released

Xandros today launched Xandros Server Standard Edition 2, a complete, enterprise-grade SMB Linux server package including Xen virtualization and more than 30 other services. The new Xandros Linux server is compatible with existing Windows domain and networking topologies. It provides a perfect alternative for Windows administrators looking to minimize down-time and cut support costs, and offers the ability to remotely manage their Linux servers even from a Windows desktop, through the all-graphical Xandros Management Console (xMC) that can operate in the way they have grown accustomed to in a Windows Server centric environment.

Equally at home on new and existing networks, Xandros Server 2 can be set up by Windows server administrators who have no Linux experience. It includes a new, easy-to-use virtual machine manager with no licensing restrictions to manage servers inside virtual machines as well as allowing supported virtual machines to be administered in the same manner as physical servers within the managed community.

Xandros’ managed community architecture cuts workload significantly through the automation of various administrative tasks. Successor to the winner of the LinuxWorld Product Excellence Award of 2006, this powerful, next generation Xandros Server is the first commercial Linux product based on the highly acclaimed version 4.0 of Debian GNU/Linux.

“Our transition from Windows NT servers to Xandros Servers went remarkably smoothly. We were able to import more than 2,000 accounts using the server's Windows-to-Xandros migration tool, which automatically joined each user to a specific group, generated a password, and formatted the account to the appropriate template,” said John Flores, system administrator for the College of Engineering, University of Texas at San Antonio. “Thanks to the Xandros Management Console, we picked right up from where we left off – no special training was needed. The command line was always available, but we found that the point and click interface and wizards took care of all our needs.”

“We took a solution-oriented approach to creating Xandros Server 2, incorporating usability feedback from customers and partners, and adding requested new features such as Xen virtualization and wiki support, to create a complete, enterprise-grade SMB package with no hidden licensing costs,” said Andreas Typaldos, Xandros CEO. “We did a significant amount of engineering up front to incorporate more than 30 server components into a coherent managed community with workflow automation that resolves errors before they occur and brings the benefits of Linux server technology to enterprise administrators and SMBs. Xandros Server 2 enhances freedom of choice by making it easy to incorporate alternative e-mail, backup, virtualization, and other server solutions into existing Windows-centric environments.”

“In addition to meeting the needs of a typical Linux/UNIX system administrator, Xandros Server 2 takes Linux servers to an unprecedented level of ease of use, putting Linux power and stability in the hands of a typical Windows server administrator,” said Ming Poon, Xandros VP of Product Development. “Windows server administrators can even manage Windows and Xandros servers side-by-side using the Xandros server management console on Windows (xMC for Windows). We also provide Windows administrators with a graphical migration tool to easily move their NT and Windows 2000 servers to the new Xandros Linux server.”

New Features

The Xandros Server Standard Edition Version 2 is the first commercial product built on Debian 4 (Etch), and includes Xen virtualization with no licensing restrictions. A new version of the Xandros Management Console (xMC), the cross-platform graphical management tool, enhances IT managers' freedom and flexibility by allowing them to manage Xandros servers from a Windows XP or Vista PC. A special Xandros edition of Scalix 11 provides integrated enterprise-class e-mail and calendar features to the SMB market, including full Microsoft Outlook, as well as a Mobile Web Client.

Complete, Reduced-Cost SMB Offering

Xandros server technology will be the standard to define the complete end-to-end appliance-like SMB offering, including commercial-grade backup, streaming media, virtual private network (VPN), and built-in system monitoring facilities. A unique managed community architecture with workflow automation alerts administrators to potential conflicts among various services, relieving them of the burden of tracking down and resolving issues after the fact. The Xandros Management Console's plug-in architecture facilitates the integration of third-party services through a free software developers' kit. Certification to the Linux Foundation's latest Linux Standard Base (LSB) 3.1 specification assures broad application support.

Pricing and Availability

The new Xandros Server Standard Edition Version 2 has a suggested retail price of USD 449.99 and is available for immediate download from www.xandros.com,The boxed product will be available in approximately 30 days. For complete product and purchase details, please visit www.xandros.com.