How To Live an Open-Source Musical Life With Ogg Vorbis

In an effort to rally support for the underdog media format, the Free Software Foundation has launched, a website promoting awareness of the Ogg format. It's an educational primer for playing Ogg Vorbis audio files and Ogg Theora video files on Mac and Windows desktops.

Supporters of open-source have long championed Ogg as a free software alternative to proprietary, licensed audio and video formats. Support for Ogg Vorbis audio has waxed and waned over the years since digital music hit the mainstream.

But with the launch of the FSF's web campaign, the time may be ripe for Ogg Vorbis to truly shine. According to Chris "Monty" Montgomery, creator of Ogg and founder of the Foundation which oversees Ogg's development, such big-name backing has been a long time coming.

How To Live an Open-Source Musical Life With Ogg Vorbis.