When Data Abstraction Meets Open Source

If there is anybody who is a champion for data abstraction when it comes to SOA, it's me. Moreover, if there is anybody who is a champion for open source SOA technology, it's me. So, how about if there was a company who provided both?

That's the concept behind XAware's new open source offering, which follows a few other SOA open source players, including open source ESBs and application servers. XAware, who has provided a data management and data abstraction technology for years, has recently moved into the open source world with their XAware 5 offering. What's cool about this product is that it lowers the cost of entry into the world of data abstraction for SOA, and puts the end user in direct control. XAware is looking to build a community around this product, as well as a support infrastructure, which is critical to any open source play.