New Open Source Grid and Cluster Community Launches

An online community for open source grid and cluster users, administrators and developers debuted today on the Internet at provides the single aggregation point for information and interaction by the community of users, administrators, and developers interested in a complete open source grid and cluster stack.

The site sponsor, Univa UD, unveiled during the Supercomputing '07 conference.

"The site has been built to support the needs of users of the open source Cluster Express release from Univa UD, which includes many open source components including Grid Engine, Globus and Ganglia," said Steve Tuecke, co-founder and chief technology officer at Univa UD and a primary architect of the community. "By aggregating information from many distinct open source grid and cluster efforts, and facilitating interaction between users who have historically been left on their own to struggle with the integration of these components, should be a valuable additional resource not just for new grid and cluster users but also for members of the current open source communities." is designed as a destination for community members who want to connect easily and productively with those who have similar interests and who want to engage in a vibrant, functioning community of active participants. At, community members can engage with others to discuss issues as well as give and receive help and contribute to the Cluster Express open source software project.

It also will be a resource for professionals who want to learn more about open source grid and cluster computing in general.

Besides providing links to other open source grid and cluster sites, will include areas for participants to build their personal professional networks, participate in forums and blogs, access white papers and case studies, explore upcoming events and download free Univa UD Cluster Express open source software for integrated cluster management.

"We are hosting to promote the broad adoption of open source grid and cluster technologies," said Dr. Ian Foster, co-founder and chief open source strategist at Univa UD. "There are many very good resources relating to open source today, and we want to provide a single site that lets the community navigate this wealth of information and build on it."

Grid and cluster pioneers will recognize as the Web site where Univa UD precursor United Devices operated a public interest Internet research grid with connections to more than 3.6 million devices worldwide, with its primary mission being to demonstrate the power of early grid technology. In this capacity, processed data related to cancer, smallpox, and human genome research among other projects.