Compiz Fusion 0.6.0 Released

This is the first stable release of Compiz Fusion[1], the result of more than six months of work and polish. This stable release is based on Compiz Fusion 0.5.2, released on the 13th of August. This release is meant to be used with compiz 0.6.2.

Compiz Fusion is the result of a merge between the Compiz community plugin set "Compiz Extras" and the parts of the Beryl project that are independent of the window manager core. The two communities have re-united to create a user experience for Linux that rivals anything available on other platforms.

The merge between Compiz and Beryl, combined with the continuing increase in stability, reliability, and usability both in Compiz, Compiz Fusion and the surrounding software environment (better driver support and so on), means Compiz Fusion will be included in many more distributions. Compiz and Compiz Fusion will be enabled by default in some of them, such as the recently released Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon", making Compiz usage easier for everyone.