KnowledgeTree Document Management Software Adopts GPL3

KnowledgeTree announced the availability of KnowledgeTree Open Source Edition 3.5 licensed under the new GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3.

"The new GNU GPL version 3 is modern, well-structured and a significant achievement for the Free Software Foundation (FSF). We believe that it will provide a strong mechanism for the KnowledgeTree open source community to co-create and share document management functionality, " said Daniel Chalef, KnowledgeTree COO.

The GPL, published by the Free Software Foundation, is an Open Source Initiative (OSI)-approved license and one of the most widely utilized free and open source software (FOSS) licenses.

"The OSI is pleased to see KnowledgeTree adopting an OSI-approved license, the GNU General Public License version 3, for their upcoming product release. KnowledgeTree joins a growing number of companies who recognize the benefits of the open source model and who recognize that adopting an OSI-approved license strengthens both the open source community and their position as members of our community," said Michael Tiemann, President of the Open Source Initiative.

KnowledgeTree Open Source Edition 3.5, available immediately from the KnowledgeTree website, introduces powerful new Web Services-accessible document search functionality based on the Apache Lucene project, full PHP 5 compatibility and support for Microsoft® Windows® Vista.

KnowledgeTree has significant community traction with over 25,000 registered community members, over 390,000 open source software downloads to date, and 67 community-run projects. KnowledgeTree is used by small and big business alike – users include Fortune 500 companies, community organizations, local and state governments, and educational, medical and scientific organizations around the world.

KnowledgeTree recently joined 260 other enterprise-grade open source applications on the Optaros Enterprise Open Source Directory. KnowledgeTree's selection out of 140,000 open source applications is significant industry recognition of its position as the leading open source provider of document management solutions to SMB and departmental users.

About the KnowledgeTree Open Source Project
KnowledgeTree's vision is to make document management simple. The web-based and AJAX-enabled application is built on the popular open source LAMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack. KnowledgeTree has significant open source community traction and the open source application has been downloaded more than 390 000 times to date. It is the leading commercial open source document management software designed for the SMB and departmental user. Commercial customers include the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, DHL Global Mail, Société Générale Group, the State of Georgia Department of Audits, the European Space Agency, Northern Arizona Healthcare, Mazda Motor Europe and Decathlon Stores.

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