Zenoss Mashes Up with Google Maps to Visualize Distributed IT Infrastructure

Zenoss Inc., a leading commercial open source IT management company, today announced that it has added a direct integration with Google Maps and struck a business agreement with Google, Inc. that makes real-time, geographical visualization of the health of distributed IT infrastructure available through Zenoss Core, its free, open source software product. The first-of-its-kind offering brings powerful network management capabilities to the masses.

“First and second generation open source IT monitoring and management solutions offered basic functionality with less than ideal user interface” said Bill Karpovich, CEO and Co-founder of Zenoss, Inc. “Zenoss Core 2.1 Beta is a next generation open source product that provides rich functionality and advanced features that are combined with high tech visualization.”

Zenoss Core 2.1 Beta enables users to integrate Google Maps into their Zenoss Dashboard for advanced plotting of disparate centers providing real time, visual availability and performance monitoring. Google Maps integration also enables monitoring of network connectivity among multiple centers and color coded alerting.

Other advanced features of Zenoss Core 2.1 Beta include:

Visual Network Map enabling ITIL implementation and adoption.
Ability to set Complex Thresholds that can use arbitrary expressions and multiple data points.
JMX Performance Collector using native java collector for performance monitoring.
Ajax based, drag and drop Dashboard providing complete customization to users.
Advanced reporting capabilities including the ability to group and plot multiple device data on a single graph.

Zenoss also pre-announces key features that will be incorporated into next versions of Zenoss Enterprise. New features include:

New Application Templates (ZenPacks) such as Cisco, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft .Net, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Active Directory, MySQL and Sugar CRM
Advanced Thresholds using Holt-Winters algorithm to implement smart alerts
New Enterprise Report Library
Google Maps and Network Map Visualization

The Zenoss Core 2.1 Beta is available today. For more information please visit http://www.zenoss.com or email sales@zenoss.com.

You can also watch a video presentation of Zenoss Core 2.1 Beta at