MontaVista readies new Linux mobile phone OS

MontaVista will ship a "fifth-generation" Linux-based operating system for mobile phones in mid-November. The company says Mobilinux 5.0 will offer new security, power, networking, and quick-boot capabilities, along with footprint reductions, real-time improvements, and lower build costs for vendors of handsets and other mobile consumer devices.

Mobilinux is MontaVista's brand name for the version of its Linux-based OS aimed at mobile devices such as phones. MontaVista claims that Mobilinux powers "90 percent of Linux smartphones," while reductions in footprint may enable future success in lower-end phones. For instance, Mobilinux reportedly powers the GSM/GPRS version (V8) of Motorola's RAZR2, a mass-market feature-phone that is just now reaching market.