ApacheCon US 2006 hotel rates go up TONIGHT (13 September)

The hotel rate for the Austin Hilton will go from $135.00 to over $270.00 Wednesday September 13 at midnight Central time. ACT NOW! Reserve a room for ApacheCon US 2006.

Tonight on The Linux Link Tech Show

Tonight on The Linux Link Tech Show, episode 157: We talk to Brian Bagnall, author of "On the Edge: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore".

Can Linux Desktops Live in an Active Directory World?

It still causes me uncomfortable dispepsia to admit that Microsoft’s directory coup worked so well. Since Windows desktop systems are so challenging to own without it, Microsoft succeeded at pushing Active Directory into wide deployment in the business world. As advocates for desktop Linux promote fitness and readiness for use in the business world, few seem to surmise what a strong fortress Microsoft has built around Windows.

10 things you should know about every Linux installation

This article lists off 10 things new users should know about every Linux installation, making comparison between Linux and Windows.

GNU/Linux vs. Mac: Why Apple will not dominate?

At this point there are really only three major contenders on the desktop market; Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. It is a known fact that Windows still holds the vast majority of the market for reasons which are beyond this article, but pretty much come down to Microsoft's sheer power rather than the quality of their OS. GNU/Linux has recently become ready for the desktop in terms of general usability and user friendliness required by desktop users. Sure there are some glitches, but those aren't anymore the major constraint to its adoption.

Former SUSE/Novell Exec Seibt Joins Collax Board

Collax, a provider of Linux servers for small and medium sized businesses, announced today that former IBM, Novell and SUSE executive Richard Seibt has joined its Board of Directors.

Asterisk 1.2.12 and Zaptel 1.2.9 Released

The Asterisk Development Team is pleased to announce new releases of Asterisk and Zaptel! Asterisk 1.2.12 includes a number of bug fixes, including fixes for two regressions that occurred in the 1.2.11 release. Zaptel 1.2.9 include a small number of bug fixes, an updates.

First public demonstration of Flash Player 9 running under Linux

Did you get to attend the Flashforward conference in Austin, Texas, USA? If you did, you got to see the first public demonstration of Flash Player 9 running on Linux. Check this entry in the Flashforward blog for a photo (albeit backwards) depicting Adobe Flash Player 9 running in Firefox on a laptop running Ubuntu. The demo site shown is the designed-for-Flash-8 Nike Air site.