VMware Workstation 3.2 Review

OK. I have been a Vmware Workstation user for quite a while now. As always each new Vmware Workstation release offers new features and fixes bugs that plagued its predecessor. I use the hell out of this software and it has rarely let me down. Whether you use it for network administration, help desk, development, or just for fun you will definitely get your moneys worth!

VMware GSX Server 2.0 for Linux Review

My latest entree into the world of virtualized environments is the VMware GSX server. For someone who doesn't spend much time running multiple iterations of a particular application, I viewed this application as a solution looking for a problem. What I've learned in this exercise is that making a low-end server into a distributed application environment is quick and reliable using the GSX server.

VMware 3.0 Workstation Review

This release of Vmware's x86 virtual machine represents a major upgrade. The previous release was reviewed last year. This version adds several major improvements over the 2.x release:

VMware 2.0.3 Review

In today's world of Information Technology it is almost impossible to to work exclusively with only one operating system. That being the case the folks at VMware, Inc. dove in and developed VMware; a friendly, robust, and affordable Virtual Machine.