Apache Foundation

Call for Papers Opens for ApacheCon Europe

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) invites submissions to its official conference, ApacheCon Europe 2008. To be held 7 April through 11 April, 2008 at the new Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre. ApacheCon serves as a forum for showcasing the ASF's latest developments, including its projects, membership, and community. Offering unparalleled educational opportunities, with dedicated presentations, hands-on trainings, and sessions that address core technology, development, business/marketing, and licensing issues in Open Source.

What's the Story Behind Apache?

"Most people in the free software world know two things about Apache. The first is that its name derives from the fact that it was a “a patchy server”, built out of patches to the earlier NCSA HTTPd Web server. The other is that in terms of market share, Apache knocks Microsoft's IIS into a cocked hat. Unfortunately, neither of these statements is true."

Apache Tomcat JK 1.2.22 Web Server Connector Released

The Apache Tomcat team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 1.2.22 of the Apache Tomcat Connectors.

Apache Software Foundation: 2007 Open Source Outlook

Recently, Apache Software Foundation Director Jim Jagielski spoke with Open Enterprise Trends about the warming climate for Open Source in 2007. Jagielski, who himself has actively contributed to many Open Source projects, talks with us about many topics of interest, including top opportunities for Open Source; the impact of new licensing (ASF 2.0 versus GPLv3.0), the newest maturing ASF projects, and the agenda for the upcoming ApacheCon (In May).

Apache Velocity 1.5 Released

The Apache Velocity Team announces the immediate availability of the of Apache Velocity 1.5. This long-awaited release is the first major release of the Velocity engine as an Apache top level project (TLP).

Apache ActiveMQ Graduates from the Incubator

pache ActiveMQ is a distributed messaging system which supports clients in Java (JMS), C++, Ruby, Python and other languages. Apache ActiveMQ is fast, provides many advanced features, and fully supports JMS 1.1 and J2EE 1.4.

Security and Apache Geronimo’s Future

A full-service application server like Apache Geronimo needs to have a full-service security implementation, and that means more than just supporting SSL connections. It means securing the internal requests made within an application. In this installment, David Jencks talks to the renegade about the current and future view of Geronimo's security implementation.

Apache Guru In India

Last time when people got a chance to get face to face with Brian Behlendorf, they were all attracted towards that pony-tailed guy's charismatic personality and his manner of delivering speech. This year, you can once again brush shoulders with one of the Linux knights in your own city Delhi.