ATI Catalyst Linux 7.11 Released

The new ATI/AMD drivers are out. With 2.6.23 support, the Linux drivers now follow the same version scheme as the Windows ones.

ATI 8.41.7 Driver Released

Proprietary Linux drivers for ATI video cards have been released, check out the release notes and download information here.

ATI Linux x86 Display Driver 8.37.6 Released

ATI has released version 8.37.6 of their display driver. New features are AMD Catalyst Control Center version 1.0. This version of the Catalyst Control Center provides a 3D aspect page which allows for the adjustments to be made in 3D applications such as graphic-design applications, CAD applications, and games. Logging out of a session to the graphical login manager no longer crashes the Xserver.

AMD will deliver open graphics drivers

AMD will soon deliver open graphics drivers, said Henri Richard just a few minutes ago, and the audience at the opening keynote of the Red Hat Summit broke into applause and cheers. Richard, AMD’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, promised: “I’m here to commit to you that it’s going to get done.” He also promised that AMD is “going to be very proactive in changing way we interface with the Linux community.”

ATI Committed To Fixing Its OSS Problems

"Chris Blizzard blogged from the Red Hat summit that an ATI marketing spokesman said, from the stage, that ATI knows it has a problem with open source and is committed to fixing it. Does this mean ATI will finally resolve alleged agpgart misappropriation, and fast track the release of open source 2D drivers on its latest cards while releasing specifications for its mid-range cards? Or is ATI only concerned with fixes to its binary driver to maintain feature parity with competitors?"

ATI Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver 8.35.5

The 8.35.5 will be the last release in which the packages will be made available for XFree86 version 4.3, as well as 6.8. One of these two versions must be installed before installing the AMD Catalyst Linux software suite.

ATI Proprietary Linux Drivers(8.34.8)

ATI Proprietary Linux Drivers(8.34.8) has been released, mainly bug fixes.

ATI Proprietary Linux Driver 8.32.5 Released

A new version of the ATI Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver has been released. The driver may install on a number of Linux distributions. Refer to the Package Generation installation instructions for more information.