Google Web Toolkit 1.3 Release Candidate is 100% Open Source

Today is quite a milestone for Google Web Toolkit: with the GWT 1.3 Release Candidate, our team is very happy to announce that all of GWT is open source under the Apache 2.0 license. There's a lot to say, but let's start with our mission:

"To radically improve the web experience for users by enabling developers to use existing Java tools to build no-compromise AJAX for any modern browser."

Open-source project treads on Google Maps turf

Volunteer "citizen cartographers" are aiming to take on the likes of Google Maps and Britain's Ordnance Survey by creating a free, open-source wiki-style map of the planet.

Google Sponsors the LinuxBIOS project

The LinuxBIOS project aims to take down the last barrier in Open Source systems by providing a free firmware (BIOS) implementation. LinuxBIOS celebrates its Sixth anniversary this year, and has an installed base of over 1 million LinuxBIOS systems. With the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, that number is expected to exceed 10 million users in 2007. LinuxBIOS supports 65 mainboards from 31 vendors in v1 and another 56 mainboards from 27 vendors in v2.

Google Pledges Annual Donation to Samba

The Samba Team is delighted to announce that Google has committed to providing the Samba project with an annual donation of US $20,000.00.

Google accused of CIA ties

Robert David Steele, a former clandestine services case officer for the CIA, has accused search behemoth Google of being in bed with the intelligence agency and government departments. Steele aired these views on Alex Jones's nationally syndicated radio show, according to reports.