Kernel 2.6.23 Released

2.6.23 includes the new, better, fairer CFS process scheduler, a simpler read-ahead mechanism, the lguest 'Linux-on-Linux' paravirtualization hypervisor, XEN guest support, KVM smp guest support, variable process argument length, make SLUB the default slab allocator, SELinux protection for exploiting null dereferences using mmap, XFS and ext4 improvements, PPP over L2TP support, the 'lumpy' reclaim algorithm, a userspace driver framework, the O_CLOEXEC file descriptor flag, splice improvements, new fallocate() syscall, lock statistics, support for multiqueue network devices, various new drivers and many other minor features and fixes.

Sparks Fly As Linux Kernel Guy Quits In A Huff

"There's another item to add to my list of 7 Reasons Why Linux Won't Succeed On The Desktop. An Australian doctor who spent his spare time working on the kernel says desktop performance is suffering because Linus Torvalds and company are only concerned about enterprise users. He got so ticked off he quit Linux in a huff, and made some pointed comments about Linus."

Linux Kernel Released

"From the kernel mailing list: "[the -stable team] are announcing the release of the kernel. This release has a few bugfixes so all users of the 2.6.22 series are encouraged to update to it. Especially people with laptops, they will appreciate the power savings in this release.""

"A few more" versions of Linux Kernel 2.6.20 planned

Willy Tarreau, maintainer of the 2.4 kernel series, wants to continue to oversee the Linux version 2.6.20 a bit longer than the maintainers of the stable kernel series would normally have done.

Linux Kernel Maintainer: Get Involved!

It may be thankless, boring work, but you have to get more involved in building the Linux Kernel.

HBA Technology Accepted Into Linux Kernel

Emulex Corporation today announced its LightPulse Virtual Host Bus Adapter (HBA) driver is the first to be accepted into the Open Source Linux kernel.

Linux 2.6.22 Kernel Released

The Linux 2.6.22 kernel was release yesterday. Features include a WLAN driver for the OLPC laptop and an Ivtv driver for various Hauppauge WinTV-PVR models, new WLAN and FireWire stacks and several new device drivers. Over 500,000 lines of source code were changed, shifted or inserted -- more than any other version of the 2.6 series.

Linux 2.6.21 Released

If the goal for 2.6.20 was to be a stable release (and it was), the goal for 2.6.21 is to have just survived the big timer-related changes and some of the other surprises (just as an example: we were apparently unlucky enough to hit what looks like a previously unknown hardware errata in one of the ethernet drivers that got updated etc).