Expect plays a crucial role in network management

Expect is an indispensable tool for efficient system and network management, and it's also widely misunderstood. In this article, find out the benefits Expect provides in common use cases.

Wi-Fi Bug Found in Linux

A bug has been found in a major Linux Wi-Fi driver that can allow an attacker to take control of a laptop -- even when it is not on a Wi-Fi network.

The Terrible State of WiFi in Linux

Articles like this just kill me. Granted, this piece was written a while back, and even considering the date in which the piece was first put together, it remains the single biggest mess that I have ever laid eyes on. Linux and wireless is a mess, period. Understand, however, that I applaud the ongoing efforts of Ralink, Intel and Atheros. These groups have bent over backwards to make life easier for the casual Linux enthusiast. Unfortunately, less than savory options seem to be weaseling their way into places where the aforementioned companies were there to help us out.

Open source networking opens its doors to businesses

It's difficult to know exactly how excited to get about open source networking projects. It's exciting 'cos its free (at least the software is, even if the support isn't). It's not so exciting because not many businesses have yet deployed it.

Samsung breaks 4G barrier

You're on a bus traveling at 70mph. You need to maintain a constant wireless connection of 100Mbps, or your boss's presentation will be ruined. What do you do, hot shot? What do you do?

Well, if you were in Jeju Island, Korea yesterday, you could have hopped on board a specially designed bus at Samsung's 4G Forum, in which the company was slated to present the world premier of 4G WiBro (Wireless Broadband) technology. Granted, the bus was traveling at around 60kmph (or about 37mph).