Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support Demonstrates Exceptional Momentum

Oracle announced an exceptional first year for the Oracle® Unbreakable Linux support program, with 1,500 customers adopting the program after the three-month free trial period. Additionally, the program has experienced significant partner participation through certifications and the Oracle Validated Configurations Program. As a result of the program's strong growth, a testament to the demand for enterprise-quality Linux support, Oracle has created a dedicated Linux sales team. The Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program has also helped Oracle drive growth and advancements in Linux as bug fixes are provided back to the Linux community, in addition to the company's on-going new features and functionality contributions.

Oracle plays defense against open source

Oracle's grab for BEA has everything to do with BEA's sterling J2EE customer list. It also has everything to do with Oracle's push to become a true middleware company, and with keeping the threat of open source alternatives at bay. Oracle was quick to adopt Linux as a preferred platform, a good hedge against both Microsoft and Sun. But it has otherwise strived to keep the open source middleware and database genies in the bottle, going to a lot of trouble to run interference against up-and-coming rivals Red Hat and MySQL.

Oracle support betrays a preference for Linux and x86

Now that Oracle 11g has hit shelves, the question many IT shops ask themselves is which hardware and operating system does Oracle run best on?

A First Look at Oracle 11g database on Debian GNU/Linux

"Oracle 11g database has been released just a few days ago, exclusively for Linux at this time. Here's a short review of it's installation, together with screenshots, on an unsupported Debian GNU/Linux distribution - to make it more interesting."

Oracle CEO Ellison: Open source software is no threat

Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison, on his first visit Israel last weekend, told TheMarker that collaborative open source software is nothing to be feared, and mocked the "Google-envy" he said Microsoft was suffering.

Oracle and Symantec Certify Veritas Data Center Solutions on Oracle Enterprise Linux

In response to growing customer demand for the Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program, Oracle and Symantec today announced certification of Veritas data center software with Oracle Enterprise Linux. The certification will help organizations running Symantec on Linux reduce deployment time and implementation costs.

Why software companies hesitate on Unbreakable Linux

Oracle's Unbreakable Linux is not "simply" a copy of RHEL; it is compiled from the sources used by Red Hat to compile RHEL. The binaries you get from Red Hat are not identical to the binaries you get from Oracle. If you went to the auto parts dealer, bought the pieces of a Prius and then assembled it yourself, would your insurance company give you the same rate they give other Prius owners? Maybe your self-assembled car looks and acts like any other Prius, but what if...?

Oracle Linux customer undergoes trial by fire

One of the first converts to Oracle's support for Linux said it has endured a public backlash since its decision to drop Red Hat.