TurboLinux joins XML - ODF Translator Project

Microsoft Corp. and Turbolinux announced that Turbolinux would join the open source Open XML - ODF translator project on with the goal of providing guidance on and helping to develop the new Open XML - ODF translators in Chinese and Japanese that the project plans to release.


Want help passing some time around the office before the weekend starts? Well check this out.

Real Life xeyes

A while ago I had the idea of porting xeyes to real life. After I had them readily standing around for some time now, I decided to finally install them behind a window in the 1st floor so they can watch passers-by on the street.

Building a Car, Open Source-Style

Inspired by Linux, the OScar project is assembling volunteers to apply their collective talents to the task of designing a new breed of car.

Can open-source practices and approaches be applied to make hardware, to create tangible and physical objects, including complex ones? Say, to build a car?