SUSE Linux 10.1 "Remastered" available

I'm happy to announce the availability of SUSE Linux 10.1 "remastered". This release combines the 10.1 GM and all online updates that we have released for 10.1 so far, including libzypp, which should make the installing and working experience much smoother for everyone.

We have created new CD ISO images and supplied delta ISOs from the goldmaster. The non-OSS DVD images will show up next week, we had to retract and will remaster. The ftp installation tree remains unchanged.

The files have a "Remastered" in their name and a symbolic link from the old name to them so that references will continue to work.

If you are running SUSE Linux 10.1 already, there is no need to download these images at all. Just do an update from our update repository to get all our security updates. This remastered media are usefull for new installations.

Andreas Jaeger