Frozen Bubble 2 Released

One of the most addictive Linux games, Frozen Bubble, just got updated to version 2.0.0. The new version brings you a new singleplayer game mode (multiplayer training), network (LAN, Internet) game mode (up to 5 players), fully revamped graphics, full joystick support, recording and playback of all games with non-predefined levels and more.

This new release brings the following new features:

* new 1-player game mode: multiplayer training; uses identical game rules as multiplayer, generated malus bubbles are counted as points - what score will you be able to reach in the 2 minutes time frame?

* network (Internet) game: up to 5 players in a game (net game system has logic able to transparently handle players behind a NAT)

* LAN game: similar to network game except that no connection to Internet is made, substituted by polling the local network

* fully revamped graphics, including now 3d-based smooth penguin eyecandy

* revamped intro and 1p music into fully digital productions

* full joystick support: just move your joystick(s) or push buttons in the "change keys" dialog (analog joysticks handled as digital for fair play)

* recording and playback of all games with non-predefined levels (1-player in random and multiplayer training, local 2-player, and network/LAN game with 2 to 5 players)

* realtime graphical effects in the menu screen (if your computer is fast enough)

* anti-aliased and localized messages