Top 10 Free Linux 3D Games

Addictive 3D games for Linux users to fill their time with. These games are really good and some have won awards or have been featured on magazines. Most are cross platform and all of them completely free. You don’t have to use ‘Wine’ to be able to play as they come with Linux installers.

Linux Game Company Opens Doors

Sixth Floor Labs LLC, a Linux game development company, has launched their business today. Founded by Ethan Glasser-Camp and Carl Li, the company aims to improve Linux's desktop feasibility through the creation of high-quality games. Games are "sold" to the Internet community through the "ransom model" -- for one large payment, the product is released under the GPL and freed forever.

EVE Online Available to Linux Users

CCP, one of the world’s largest independent game developers, and TransGaming Inc. (TSX-V: TNG), a leading developer of software portability products for the electronic entertainment industry, today announced the availability of EVE Online, a leading massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), on the Macintosh and Linux platforms. With this release, EVE Online is now available on the most widely used operating systems – Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

EVE Online Linux game client to be released on November 6th

They're here... new clients at long last, well almost... There is word from Erlendur S. Thorsteinsson, Software Director at CCP Games, that the upcoming Revelations 2.3 patch will contain formal support for Mac OS X and Linux. The new patch will also include a few other minor fixes for those left in the dark ages with the Windows XP client. The new clients use Cedega, but this version has better functionality since it will be directly integrated into the game for Linux and Transgaming's Cider portability engine for the Mac client. I pity da-foo with no EVE Online client.

Quake Wars Linux Demo Released

"id Software's Timothy 'TTimo' Besset has just wrapped up work on the Linux version of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars demo and it's now available for download! The Linux demo is fully compatible with the Windows version and you can grab it from the mirrors below:"

New commercial Linux game slated by year end

Hothead Games will soon be launching a new title based on the popular online Penny Arcade comic strip. Even better, the new game will be available for several platforms at its launch, including Linux.

Valve recruiting Senior Engineer port Windows-based games to Linux

"Take a look at this job add on Valve's website. Notice one of the bullets in the 'Responsibilities' section? - Port Windows-based games to the Linux platform. Looks like Valve may be listening to our demands."

Carmack commits to Open Source as Quakeworld

At Quakeworld, John Carmack (the genius behind Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein) commits to open sourcing idsoftware's future games: "I mean I won't commit to a date, but the Doom 3 stuff will be open source." Carmack goes on to say that future idsoftware games will also follow this trend.