Cedega 6.0 Released

TransGaming Inc. a leader in the development of software portability products for cross-platform gaming, takes gaming on the Linux operating system to new heights with the release of Cedega™ 6.0. Rich with new features and functionality, ranging from improved graphics and performance to support for many new games, Cedega 6.0 remains the only commercial solution in the world that allows hundreds of triple A games to be played on the rapidly growing Linux operating system.

Cedega allows games originally created for the PC to run on Linux, right out-of-the-box. With this latest release, Cedega 6.0 will support some of the most popular new PC titles, including Bethesda Softworks’® Elder Scrolls® IV: Oblivion, Electronic Arts’ Battlefield™ 2142 and Madden™ 2007, and will continue to support the most popular massive multiplayer online game, Blizzard’s World of WarCraft™, along with many others.

“We’ve completed some very significant development with Cedega 6.0, introducing new technology and improvements to the existing engine. The addition of Shader Model 2.0 support enables recent games to be played at the highest detail settings; a superior FBO implementation provides better overall graphics performance and compatibility with DirectX® 9; improvements to the ALSA support provide a better audio experience in the game and allows users to listen to their own music while in-game; and a new memory allocator, coupled with other enhancements, has improved the performance of games,” said Lucas Smithen, TransGaming's Cedega Product Manager.

Linux has been making significant inroads globally and ranks among the world’s top three operating systems. Given the development costs and challenges associated with supporting so many platforms, game developers and publishers rarely release content for Linux, in spite of its growth in popularity. TransGaming’s Cedega product eliminates the need to redevelop these games, allowing Linux users to enjoy popular electronic entertainment content released regularly. Cedega is available through TransGaming’s subscription service or through a number of global resellers and OEM partners.

For more information on Cedega visit: www.transgaming.com/cedega