JavaOne and THE SALE

The Project Blackbox Tour moves on! Last week we were in the West, this week Dave and Paul are going EAST again, all the way back through Arkansas, Texas and Missouri, here is the complete list for the week.

* April 24th - St. Louis, Missouri
* April 25th - Arkansas
* April 26th - Houston, Texas

The tour will be swinging back WEST after those stops, driving right into the Moscone Center for JavaOne. And, yes, I just booked my tickets. Patrice put me late in the day on May 9th and 10th (2:45pm to 4:45pm). Evidently, this is when I can do the least PR damage. I'll bring my Canon and blog a bit from the booth, so drop by and bring a smile while I'm there!

I haven't been to JavaOne for quite a few years, so I'm pretty excited, I had some great times at JavaOne in the past. There's something exciting and vibrant about the Java programming community. I also noticed there is currently $100 off registration, whoo hoo!

On a separate note and with some disappointment, I noticed that Sun's 25th Anniversary Sale does not include a discount for a Project Blackbox. I know pricing is not quite locked down yet, but I have about $123 lying around I was hoping to spend on a container of my own. I was trying to get the Community Association approvals for my backyard and everything...oh well, guess I'll have to plant a tree instead!

You will notice one particularly hot deal at the 25th Anniversary Sale though, an X4500 for a rockin' good deal...$1/GB in a 4U rack mountable unit (even I can do the math on that one...24000GB for $24000). if I just had $24k sitting around! There are also some great developer workstations on sale and lots of rack mountable units that fit VERY nicely into Project Blackbox (including NAS, T1000s, and more).